syria deir mar musa monastery wall painting icon сирия монастырь мар муса лик святого рисунок на стене


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  1. This picture seems so surreal in the face of what has become of Syria over the past couple of years. Today, all Syrians, especially the innocent and those who can’t fend for themselves, need our prayers. Would you even consider going back today?

    • Interestingly enough wordpress cleared my comment on Syria. It hasn’t “become” it was done intentionally by usa government and its friends like Saudi Arabia and such. Syria was the nicest country with nicest hospitable people with tolerance to all religions. Many of them were carrying photos of Bashar and his family casually that’s how strong was their “hate” towards “tyrant”. I would love to go there back as soon as USA will stop financing terrorists and sending them from Tunisia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and etc. to kill syrians just to cover american need to get more oil and stirring more chaos around Russia and channeling some islamic unrest towards China. But wait! instead they will carpet bomb Syria and then Iran which is also famous for nicest friendly and hospitable people. Unfortunately due to geogrpahic location all these misdoings won’t bite back USA directly, but its ally Israel will have its share of troubles if it will still exist as Iran clearly knows they will be next and Syria will strike Israel as its the only option to protect their country. I am sure it will be on your news: but will they say who cause all this shit and shit in many other countries or will it be another bullshit about chemical weapons, tyranny and democracy…

      • Hmm…I’m not so sure about the U.S. being the cause for what’s going on there. I believe people are, and not from any one country but definitely including some of Syria’s own people. A couple years back, I sat with a friend and previous colleague from Syria who was mourning the loss of a very close relative shot and killed by the Syrian government soldiers. He was just a teenager and wasn’t a participant with either side of the revolution. He was an innocent bystander on his way to visit a friend who had been killed by Syrian soldiers as well. My colleague’s story of what had been going on in Syria long before now, as other very close relatives had been jailed before the revolution began, had nothing to do with the U.S. As a matter of fact, my colleague was wondering why the U.S. had not stepped in at that time to help the people there.

        • The story of a friend of a friend don’t count) Only facts count. If someone is jailed you have to see the case. not to listen what they say as in 99% cases they all are innocent in their own minds even if they killed someone in a broad day light. And why you should step in? who appointed you world police? who asked you exactly to step in? a friend of a friend? UN was create to resolve global crisis yet USA turned it into puppet and steps in for whatever reasons. in USA you have the biggest amount of prisoners should we step in and bomb the shit out? or when people were occupying Wall Street and same protests all over the country should we step in and bring democracy on wings of airplanes as you do? did the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia or Egypt asked for what they have now? Now that in Egypt people are killed every month or so in protest and those innocent protestors have ak47 to shoot army and police. but you had to free them from Mubarak right? he was a “tyrant” for years (and biggest USA friend) yet country was prospering and people didn’t die like flies. Same with Lybia where you only cared for oil refineries and destroyed balanced political system of relationships between all tribes and one of the best social security level for citizens. Or Afghanistan where your government protects plantations of opium that is imported to Russia and kills thousands of young people every year. There is much to learn for you about your country foreign politics I don’t where to begin and if it is really worth cause your stand is typical American citizen answer and would you trade the comfort of thinking you’re helping to know your country destroying other countries when it wants to and on purpose…

          • Okay. So, let’s say you prefer to disregard the the fact that my friend’s recount of the death of her relative while she was home counts (although I saw the proof). Unfortunately, that’s not why our president has decided to intervene. Since that time, many thousands have been killed. However, his decision to intervene because of the recent proof of use of chemical weapons on the people which violates international law. There’s clear video showing the deaths of countless very young children and women due to it. The use of chemical weapons.

            I really am not out for an argument of who’s wrong or who’s right here. My concern is for the innocents who cannot defend themselves. Prayer is my choice of weapon for God’s will to be done and for the protection of the innocents, not only there but everywhere.

            However, I would like to ask if you really believe what you say. You said, “Only facts count”. Since you imply because I didn’t see anyone jailed, my friend’s story was just that a story, not a fact. If you believe what you said, that only facts count, and you imply only those that can be seen, please “show me the facts that you have seen so that I can see them” to prove everything you accuse the U.S. of doing.

            And yes, I would hope that if people ever began to speak up against our government and as a result the government felt the privilege to maintain control now or in the future by massively killing it’s citizens (especially the innocent and unarmed), the very reason for it’s existence, I would hope that if we were not able to resolve it, that someone else would care enough to help if we cried out for help. (I’m speaking for now and the future because no one can change the past- and God knows our nation has had its own share of past atrocities perpetrated against it’s own citizens whether sanctioned by the government or citizens as has been the case with slavery and civil rights.)

            Again, I’m in no way out for an argument or to even persuade you to agree with me. You’re entitled to your opinion and what you believe. I’m actually glad we had the opportunity to openly share our thoughts.

            • You are mixing up the reason and the cause, first of all. It didn’t just start by itself or by killing people all of a sudden. All the undermining work was started by sponsoring terrorists through Saudi Arabia and such. But at the beginning it was under cover job. As in all other countries. Terrorists go into country, settle in, do their propaganda and prepare to future actions. When the time comes, they strike where they are told and planned to strike. It is also a common pattern to kill innocent people for starters. As well as for shooting people and making believe it was done by the other side. Your country did it in my country so I have first hand experience. It adds that required dramatic effect. There are books and methodologies to do all those revolutions written by your american fellows and they are accessible in internet.
              Look for: Gene Sharp’s 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action, any Zbigniew Brzezinski works and so on.

              And many thousands were killed because as i said before you still help to finance and arm terrorists. There are stats for Syrian liberation army or whatever they are called. Somehow all those killed syrians are from Tunisia, Iraq, Lybia, Saudi arabia and etc.
              Tunisia 1902
              Lybia 1807
              Iraq 1432
              Palestine 1002
              Lebanon 828
              Egypt 821
              Saudi Arabia 714
              Yemen 571
              Marroco 412
              Algire 273
              Quwait 71
              Somali 42
              Oman 21
              Bahrein 19
              Emirates 9 (я про 3 знала)
              Qatar 8
              Sudan 3

              are these simple syrians fighting for their rights?

              and why people fighting for the freedom kill inocent people? blow up cars and cafes?
              you can watch videos and pics here, but you have to speak arabic or russian ro get the rest of the info from inside the country.

              That’s how it started when i was there. Somehow they started protests with burning courts and the documents for those convicts.

              Now about the chemical weapon. I am shocked that people still fall for this BULLSHIT. Say Hussein had weapons of muss destruction right? Were they found? Oh wait no! there were none. You just destroyed the country as you pleased and now no excuses, no nothing. It happens, right? What are the proofs of chemical weapons? We’ve seen plenty of proofs from your side. Are you an expert in weapons? Can you tell the differences when you see the picture if it is Syria or Iraq for example? We all know how your televison makes up facts showing videos from other places.
              Like i said in case of Iraq you had the proofs in UN and now it turns out there were none. We don’t even have to go into propaganda thing, but let’s just think why Bashar would use chemical weapon against his people now? To force usa intervention right? two years he was fighting with army forces and now all of a sudden started to use chemical weapons? Did you give any thought or just believe everything you’re told by your government?

              I will tell you why chemical weapons are used now. If americans would learn other languages or tried to find sources outside your perfect democracy driven world you would see much more different picture. Syrian army was fighting for 2 years with terrorists and now they control most of the territory. Just recently they fought of Homes and some other areas. So obviously it does not go american way, not to mention ongoing support from China and Russia, what should they do? The terrorists operation failed, didn’t work as in Lybia or Egypt because Syrian army is stronger and people realizing that they are fighting for their country, so it would no become another Lybia and will go on for years to come. (by the way what about Lybia? are they ok now? you helped them right? would you go to teach English there now? or just visit for a couple of days? ’cause you helped them against Kaddafi and now they are just fine right?). But it should be resolved sooner. So what should we do? We say they had chemical weapon. All it takes for terrorists to use some against civilians. And now we can bomb them. Done.

            • this one is good. terrorists plan it and wait for it to happen. and you’re going to help those people.

            • why they didn’t use chemical weapons? and instead were fighting with terrorists army? it would be obviously easier to just use chemical weapons on the whole city. ’cause Bashar would do that against his people right?

            • one of those proofs? published on 20th about things happening on 21 st?)

              little girl escaped terrorists but her family is taken

              terrorists get their payback

            • Greetings Citizens of the World,

              We are Anonymous.

              In light of recent investigations of chemical weapons attacks in Syria, it appears that the United States Government is involved in an Imperialistic pursuit of the resources of Iran. Iran has an arms treaty with Syria, in which Iran has a commitment to defend Syria and vice versa in times of War.

              The lack of a Central Bank in the country of Iran and the refusal of the Iranian government to become dependent on the Western World has kept the United States Government on a Mission to engage in War with Iran to topple the current Government.

              We have seen the same tactics used in Iraq and Libya to topple regimes that don’t fit the United States Imperialistic Ambitions. Militaristically Engineered False Flag Attacks are the method the United States Government Uses to convince a portion of the world that intervention is necessary.

              Chemical Weapons were used to Murder hundreds of Syrian People in a suburb of the Syrian City of Damascus. Although the initial reports claimed that the Assad led Government of Syria was responsible for the attacks, it is now believed by both investigators and other world leaders that the United States backed Syrian National Coalition is responsible for the attacks. It’s also believed they are using these war crimes to give an excuse for the United States Government to intervene in the region.

              This Tactic is meant to pull Iran into war with the United States. This tactic will ultimately cause a global conflict in which countries that do not support the criminal actions of the United States may, in fact take the war to US soil. War is not supported by the US majority and has only seemingly been supported by the citizens of the United States in recent years. In this instance it is overwhelmingly opposed by the majority of U.S. citizens.

              The Chemical Weapons used against the Syrian People are now shown to be the work of the United States Government by way of the U.S. backed Syrian rebels known as the Syrian National Coalition. This is a blatant False Flag attack and should not be endorsed by the citizens of the United States. There is absolutely no benefit for the American People or the world in general as a result of a war with Syria or Iran.

              As citizens of the world the majority of us are completely opposed to large scale warfare and the impending war with Syria and Iran must be opposed in every nonviolent way at our disposal. The Liberation of the Syrian People should not be decided by the interests of other nations or even a council of other nations. Both Syria and Iran are independent nations and should remain independent nations.

              We have seen the reign of Tyranny in this world too many times before and the collective voice of the people are opposed as we always will be. Please take the time to educate yourselves as non-biased as possible and spread this information to anyone and everyone you can. Our collective voice is and will always be our only hope to liberate this world from the hands of Tyranny.

              • Dear Someone,

                In no way am I saying physical force is the solution. My concern is for the innocents who cannot defend themselves and to see peace rather than the obvious fear which continues to fuel what is going on. However, I believe that we (people everywhere) should pray to God for wisdom and guidance as to what to do. Neither is Syria the only place nor the Syrian people the only people who need compassion, but people everywhere.

                And the answer to your question about whether I would teach English in Libya, I’m not sure. I haven’t felt any draw to go there. If I ever do maybe I will. There are so many places in the world. It would probably take a lifetime for one to visit all of them. I have yet to see every part of my country. However, my hope is that I get to visit each continent at least once in my lifetime. I am thankful to God for the places I have been and all the people from around the world I’ve met to share and learn of their experiences and of cultures and life in places other than my own.

                In that experience I’ve learned that we are all members of this world, more alike than different yet each being unique. We all have emotions, we all experience life determined differently from our circumstances, environments, backgrounds, families, etc. which influence the way we experience life- the same life we all experience just differently. None is better than nor more important than the other but all equal in value. However, we let our differences separate us, often not for the better but for the worse and to our own detriment. May we all find peace in God so that we can have peace amongst us.

                Peace and Blessings! 🙂

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