syria deir mar musa area sunset сирия монастырь мар муса закат


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  1. Oh wow! This picture is just so breathtakingly beautiful! I love it. With this picture, it’s hard to think of the problems of what’s going on now in Syria. It’s so unfortunate but people want change. Though I’m not Syrian, I know someone who has just lost a loved one of mere teen years due to the protests that have been taking place which is so sad to think about. Your picture reminds that though difficult times may be around us, we can still find the beauty which remains. We just may have to really look for it sometimes, but it’s there.

    • As I was saying to people in Syria, we here went through this “democracy” bullshit that USA and NATO bring to people in other countries. We lost whatever good we had, our country is torn apart and stolen. People are broke. Same is going to happen in Syria as long as they will welcome the “change”. If there is a thousand of idiots there it does not mean they all want that “change”. Here we had people protesting because they were paid and everyone could get that gig.
      The same problem as with Syria was in USSR, the society was closed to outside world and did not know the reality. People thought: oh, it is so great! Drink coca cola as much as you can! Idiots still talk about “more than two types of sausages”. It was a way to say that we don’t have enough choices or products. Well, now there are too many types of sausage, but old people can not afford it. Their pension is enough to buy bread, milk and some grain from time to time.
      Just look at Lybia for a moment, or Iraq or Afganistan… Same is gonna happen to Syria, common people are not going to live better. USA is living off other countries. As that syrian hotel owner was constantly saying “I want to live like in USA”. well, like with every empire the thing is that you can only live as in USA, Rome and etc. only when you live in USA, Rome. There can only be one place where it will be good for people. And also USA government should pay more attention to its own country. There are people killed in Syria? Did not police just put in coma iraq vet in Oakland?! Peaceful protests… Don’t get me started.

      Portland is not happy with democracy?! So what does it mean? Should people of Syria welcome the change only to realize later that this is f*** up system. Worse than what they have now?
      I’ve been in Syria. And I saw how they live. They just do not know what they are about to lose.

  2. У меня такой же вид из окна на Чатырдаг 😉

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