chile san pedro de atacama laguna miscanti altiplanico чили сан педро де атакама высокогорная лагуна небо голубое озеро blue sky lake high altitude


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  1. Nice picture…When were you in Chile? I was just there last month.

    • hi. i was there in april i think. must be cold now))

      • It was kind of warm but mostly cool/pleasant weather during the day and a bit chilly at night when I went. To think, I thought that South America had a tropical climate all over. I was definitely mistaken.

        • hmmm that’s strange) they supposed to have a winter by now! i can’t say it was hot in April. about the same as you describe. it was definately getting colder in Argentina in tierro del fuego, must be freezing by now)
          oh they have all kinds of climate over there if you circle aroung the continent. one day you’re painting on the frozen bus windows and a couple of days later you’re in the jungle)

          • I see that about the weather. Even though it is warming up, or at least was warming up, here in Peru, it’s starting to get cold again at night. One of my old students told me it was because of an earthquake a week or so ago. It’s supposed to be spring now here in Peru.

  2. I’m in Arequipa. I’m not sure what sorocha thing is. Do you mind telling me what it is?

    • Sorocha is altitude sickness. you might ask for sorocha pills in drugstores. they would know what you need) that was my mistake when i stayed in cities like arequipa (about 2000m) and then moved to nasca for a couple of days and then took a night bus to Cusco. so when you go from Nasca (very low. basically sea level) to cusco (4500+) you might end up with a stroke or something. i had to stop bus twice as i couldn’t breeze, panic attacks and such. should be better to go from arequipa to cusco. less stressful.

      • Thanks for explaining it for me! I think I may have been affected by the altitude a little when I got here for a couple of weeks, being a little nauseous in the middle of the night and waking up throughout the night, as well as getting out of breath after walking for long time, especially if walking quickly or if going up steep inclines. I think I’ve adjusted now. However, I believe I did get an unpleasant experience of it when I went to Chile which is at a higher elevation than here. I went to Arica and decided to go on a tour to Putre which is at a very high elevation, much higher than Arica. So, the guy at the hostel explained to me before that many people who aren’t used to it will get sick, especially when moving very fast, and the tour would be done in one day. I we had ridden for a couple of hours and had stopped to eat breakfast on the way there, I began to feel pretty bad on the bus. I may have eaten too much at breakfast because I was a bit hungry, but I do remember the guy at the hostel suggested not eating much the night before or that day as it could contribute to the sickness. So, it could have been having eaten too much combined with the rapid ascent in a short amount of time. I wanted to just lay out and ask them to stop, but I couldn’t do that. I just tried to sleep as much as possible so I’d be more unconscious to how bad I felt until we reached our next stop. My whole body just felt bad and felt like I had spikes in temperature and was just totally uncomfortable and a bit weak. I felt better, though by the time we had stopped for lunch in the late afternoon 🙂 However, I’ve had the sorocha experience, too. I would like to go to Cusco to see Maccu Pichu before I leave, but after hearing your story couple with my experience, it may not be a good idea to try to make it just a weekend venture. Maybe stretching it out over 3 or 4 days would be better to help avoid a bad case of sorocha.

        • luckily I am not affected by sorocha that much. i know people who were suffering all the time in LA. when i was in ecuador in 2009 i was out of breath once or twice when i sprinted to a small hill, nothing else that i can recall. and this time in LA as i got higher into Atacama i had some troubles with sleep, couldn’t stay still, a bit out of breath, very dry air, but when we went to altiplano over 4000 i was just fine. my mistake was to think that 2-3 days won’t affect me, as i was for weeks on 2000+. apparently it does not work like that) also i was on the bus’s second floor. drivers moved me to first floor and i was able to sleep. so it is better to pay for cama on the first floor then taking semi-cama on 2nd when you go to cusco. also they turned on heating and the air was so dry that you would suffocate without sorocha) we asked drivers constantly to turn it off. in bolivia i used this trick too, but when tourists started to freeze they would turn it on) so i had to sit with drivers 🙂 in Cusco it was more or less ok. cocaine tea and sorocha pills and cakes did the job! so i really suffered only once because of that rapid ascent with a turns every 30 seconds) if you will go from arequipa on the 1st floor i think you will be fine. machu pichu is lower than cusco so it is even better. i am not sure you will like it that much:) just prepare yourself that you may not be struck by it as you think you will be) most people i asked were tired of it in an hour. you will probably go on the train so you won’t expirience that dangerous road and you can get to the machu pichu top on the bus. if you want to eat cheap on machu pichu you walk down the bus road from entrnace for about 100m and on your left there’s eatery for local workers. fine food and cheap unlike restaraunt at the entrance. also i would not recommend to climb wayna pichu. it is very steep and slippery. most of the time you will be hanging on ropes to climb higher. and the view… it is ok, but it is like a backdoor to machu pichu ruins. you can go to machu pichu mountain. it is over machu pichu ruins. it is higher but the climb is easier and the view is more grand. also remember that usually there is a queue to get on both mountains (there are 3 tickets: one is machu pichu city, 2nd is machu pichu city and mountain and third is machu pichu city and wayna pichu). so you either have to book upfront or try your luck like me.

          • Oh, wow! Thanks for the information and advice. I also have a cousin who is traveling in South America now (different countries), but he expressed that he would like to either see Lima or Cusco. So, I will definitely pass this along to him, as well. Thanks a bunch 🙂

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