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  1. I wonder if it can be hiked. It looks warm on the ground, but after going to see the mountains in Chile, I know looks can be deceiving ;-).

    • while I was searching for volcano name i believe I’ve seen pictures of people hiking it. but you must be healthy as horse) I “sprinted” to a hill there, (I made maybe eight steps) and then spent half an hour coughing and generally out of breath;)

      • Oh my gosh! You are so right about having to be as healthy as a horse. I went hiking while in Peru and had pretty much the same experience you had with the hill. One of my students had invited me along with his group. To begin, we had to go up a steep loose dirt incline. It was hard for me to grasp hold, but he helped pulling me up but wasn’t mindful of the pace, going at his regular rate (very fast), as he’s in great shape and hikes quite a bit. Lol…after just going up the incline, I started having breathing problems, and my heartbeat became irregular. Thankfully, the guide with our group recognized they needed to slow down and let me calm down, coaching me how to breathe. They gave me some candy which seemed to help a lot and were nice enough to pace the beginning part with several rest breaks in-between. Lol…my poor student was a bit too eager to get on. So, his friend who recognized that decided to relieve him of his feeling of duty to stay with me and let him know he’d take care of me so that he could move ahead at a faster pace. I was fine though after the first 30 minutes and was able to pick up the pace.

        I will say, though, when I went to Chile, I decided to visit a village outside of Arica on a day trip. The hostel attendant had told me how to prepare the night before and what to be careful of the next day on the trip, walking very slowly, etc. However, he did warn that because it was a day trip, we would still be traversing the altitude at a fast pace by car. I was okay until we stopped for a light breakfast. I was kind of hungry since I refrained from eating a lot the night before as advised, and I guess I ate too much bread and cheese. Although we had the coca tea which maybe I drunk too much as well, almost immediately after we continued our trip in the van, I began to get extremely sick and weak. I felt nauseated as if I would throw up and in fact really wanted to because I felt so bad. I actually wanted to pass out. I felt like I had a fever and began to sweat profusely. The seats on the van were very uncomfortable and unable to move. There was no where to lie down. Thank God, I eventually fell asleep. After awaking, I felt a bit better, and really felt better when we stopped for some lunch.

        • I was doing allright most of the time, especially when we were driving through altiplanico on jeep and had a decent appetite all the time) But going from Nasca to Cusco in one night was a big mistake. Some breath shortage while walking stairs was compensated by eating cakes :)) What an excuse to eat sweets! And what’s funny I was looking desperately for a cake even before i knew it is good to fight altitude. My body just demanded it) Maybe it was subconscious though as drivers in Bolivia gave as cakes and chocolate bars and told us it is good to up sugar in the blood. And of course coca tea! still have 2 tea bags at home) And I remember having sleeping issues, but mostly in Atakama desert as well as insignificant bleeding and it was not that high, but with extreme dry air it was taking some toll on sleeping.

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