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November 6, 2011

jordan petra by night candles as siq иордания петра ночью свечи ас сик

March 15, 2010

jordan petra the collonaded street camel rider иордания петра коллонадная улица верблюд

December 8, 2009

jordan petra inside ad deir monastery singing man иордания петра внутри ад деир монастыря поющий человек

November 23, 2009

jordan wadi rum desert panorama иордания пустыня вади рам панорама

October 26, 2009

jordan petra donkey riders souvenir traders dispute иордания петра продавцы сувениров

August 25, 2009

jordan petra colonaded street woman selling stuff иордания петра женщина торговец на колонадной улице

August 17, 2009

jordan petra treasury al khazneh иордания петра казначейство

July 14, 2009

jordan petra al khazneh treasury иордания петра ал казне казначейство

July 9, 2009

jordan petra ad deir monastery иордания петра ад деир монастырь

A flight of 800 stairs cut into the rock takes you up the mountain of Ad-Deir, marvellous mountain scenes along the way up. And when you reach the top you will encounter Petra’s second most famed attraction… Ad-Deir. Huge in size yet beautifully awesome. The overall design resembles that of the Khazneh, but the architectural embellishment is simplified. Either tomb, temple or both – the Deir used to be an important pilgrimage site, the way up the mountain serving as processional route and the open area in front of the monument as gathering place. Later, in Byzantine time, it was probably used as a church.